During your visit here at our main factory, you will see and learn about the different steps (glass blowing, silvering, matte, decoration and packing) involved in producing our handmade ornaments. Later in the tour, you will have the opportunity to be a painting decorator yourself… and will be able to create your own personalized ornament for you to keep.

At the factory you will find a shop where can buy a beautiful, handpainted glass ornaments. We have over 400 different shapes and decorations in continuous sale. Our glass ornaments will certainly be a wonderful souvenir from Krakow or an excellent gifts for special occasions. We also offer baubles with your own dedication, painted on site.


* you can choose language of workshop:

  Polish,       American,       English,
  German,       French,       Italian,       Russian.

* we are open from Monday to Friday

* you can select hour of enter: 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00

* workshop duration is about 2h

* we handle payments in Złoty, Euro, Dollars or cards